Primarily, I use Twitter to exchange info within the realms of finance, politics, technology, and news.  So, I really don’t think of it as a way to hustle jobs.  That’s why it surprised me when a Wall Street fund manager–one of my “followers” –tapped my shoulder on Twitter asking if he could hire me to do a motion graphics job for his son who’s an avid Lacrosse athlete.  I said, “sure!”

So, he sent me a handful of snapshots and a few video clips.  Then, we quickly put together a little “hero” video using various digital effects.  It was a fun deviation; it introduced me to the world of Lacrosse, and it connected me with a great guy who loves his son, a guy who’s a CNBC contributor. In fact, here’s a video clip of my new friend, David Greenberg, sharing his wisdom on Fast Money:

The video for David’s son: