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It’s a topic as fresh as this morning’s coffee.  Even though the roots of this conflict stretch over thousands of years, the issue is ever before us.  READ MORE


High Speed Romance

Two of our dear friends didn’t end up with any photos worth squat from their actual wedding.  So we did several photo shoots with them to make up for what was lost.  Here is one of my favorites.  Click it for a better view.


Every dollar we get in life has a “Future Magnitude.” If you don’t know the Future Magnitude of your money, you’re missing a fortune.

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The Job That Came Through Twitter

Primarily, I use Twitter to exchange info within the realms of finance, politics, technology, and news.  So, I really don’t think of it as a way to hustle jobs.  That’s why it surprised me when a Wall Street fund manager–one of my “followers” –tapped my shoulder on Twitter asking if he could hire me to do a motion graphics job for his son who’s an avid Lacrosse athlete.  I said, “sure!”

So, he sent me a handful of snapshots and a few video clips.  Then, we quickly put together a little “hero” video using various digital effects.  It was a fun deviation; it introduced me to the world of Lacrosse, and it connected me with a great guy who loves his son, a guy who’s a CNBC contributor. In fact, here’s a video clip of my new friend, David Greenberg, sharing his wisdom on Fast Money:

The video for David’s son: